February 19, 2018

Money in intraday trading or daily trading or day trading


People trade but finally they get losses so is that your goal?

Of course No, so better to plan for making 1 lack everyday then even if you get one fine day huge loss also it will not impact you else all your things collapse. Start with strategic trading because many people get one day loss but all their life time profits goes in that bad day.

Want to stop that then start strategic trading and for that follow below basic principles…

Start trading in multiple accounts with small small investment. Say for example keep 5 accounts with 2 lacks each account.

Start trading in each account with target of Rs 20000 profit and after making 20K or + then stop trading and withdraw that 20k from that account then start in another account which is account 2 here start trading now and do the same like make 20k then stop trading and withdraw that fund. Now start in account 3 and follow the same instructions and do the same till 5 accounts and withdraw total 1 lack per day.

Above strategy is purely for intraday trading or day trading or daily trading people. Because I have considered the worst case scenario also why because one worst day may come to take all your funds but here I made the trading strategy with very strong returns with what so ever case. Even if trader lost all the money in one day still he can pull his 10 days profit and start again with same strategy. Here what ever money he lost but still he can recover very fast.

In all 5 accounts trading should be very strategic because there are multiple options in stock markets like commodities, equities, futures, F and O (FO), Currencies and in Commodities again metals, oil and gases, Base metals and precious metals so trader can trade with different choice in every account if he want to trade parallel. Trader is trading one by one means once make the 20k profit then he can start in another account with same script/commodity but never trade parallel because any worst scenario can occur in market. My experience every week one worst against your day will come so be prepared for that means never do same script/commodity parallel due to this. Once make the profit then you can start with same script/commodity and even same strategy or pattern.

Here same script/commodity means even some people give sure shot calls or recommendations still for that also trade in only one account at a time because no one is god. No one can predict market.

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