February 19, 2018

Trade with huge lots as whole world is trading hence no one


Trade with huge lots.

Trade start with with minimum 5 times average capacity hence trade with less volumes then average if required with big difference. Never do average with small small differences. Market will be there for ever so think that you will have money in your account only even if you get loss as you can make profits any time.

Be patient and start with less quantity so finally you can make money. If you get tempted then you will loose all money in one bad day. Be disciplinary then you never get fear and there will not be any chance of greed as you will make brick by brick. Any thing you want to make it big then start brick by brick only.


Example want to trade in crude oil and you have 5 lacs then start with 5 lots and keep a target of 12 points and average for 99 points.

How it works is you will get 6K profit else your average would be just 50 points from the base price which can have a high chances to get the same day target.

suppose you bought crude at 2700 so you will have a average of 2750 now if it goes up when you short then your target would be 2738 as always keep 12 points target. Even if it goes up again another 100 points i.e 2900 then also your loss would be 150 points. i.e 150*10 lots = Rs 150000 loss

In other case people does average for every 10 points 2700 then in that case 2700+2710+2720….2890 total lots would be 100 lots for which you may not have limit also. But by this time loss would be more than 150 points and lots also 150*100 = rs 1500000 in terms of rupees and more only

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